991.1 Savvy Bolt On Wing Kit

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The wait is finally over! The SAVVY Porsche Wing Kit is here! Years of research and development have gone into the function and form of the SAVVY wing kit. Every aspect of the kit is designed to work in harmony and flow with the natural aggressiveness of the GT3. Our wing kit will help keep that rear end in check as well as give you the added grip and confidence to greatly improve your lap times. The carbon fiber element was designed from scratch in 3D with as much efficiency as possible, this means more downforce and less drag. We take pride in producing our carbon fiber products here in the USA. Our carbon wing element is made from a custom twill weaved carbon fiber that's been pre-impregnated with epoxy and is then vacuumed/heated until cured. The wing then goes through a finishing process which includes 5 individual coats of varying UV protective clear that is then cured, wet sanded and polished to perfection. The downforce created by this beautiful wing element is transferred to the rear wheels through the SAVVY 6061 Billet Machined Mounts which have been carefully crafted to fit perfectly and flow with the original intended design of the deck lid. Two finishing options are available, anodized Satin Black and Machined Aluminum.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Fiber Parts Made in the USA

  • Real World Tested and 3D Optimized

  • 3 Adjustable Downforce Settings

  • Capable of Over 350lbs of Downforce at 100mph

  • Will Not Massively Disrupt Original Balance

  • Extremely Light and Durable

  • Professionally Packaged

  • Great Fitment

  • Easy Installation