981 MSI Wheel Stud Kit

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MSI Wheel Stud Kit has proven to be the quickest way to remove/swap wheels during a track day or even at home. If it's good enough for NASCAR, it's good enough for us! Lugnuts are machined with the strictest of tolerances that assure minimum chamfer to thread run out. Our custom baked-on coating provides quick and consistent torque values and come in either pink or yellow colors, providing high visibility for your pit crew. 

  • 78mm studs perfect for cars utilizing stock bore depth wheels or up to 7mm spacers.

  • 88mm studs designed for car utilizing thick bore wheels or up to 12mm spacers.

  • Porsche specific wheel nuts coated in yellow for ease of visibility in the paddock or in your garage.

Kits Include:

  • 20 - Coated Wheel Studs

  • 20 - Yellow Coated Wheel Nuts