991.2 GT2 RS BBI Turbocharger Upgrade

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An essential part of the BBi Autosport 991 GT2 RS Power Package are these high output upgraded VTG Turbochargers. Developed by TheTurboEngineers (TTE) and based on the original Borg Warner VTG turbochargers, they are modified using the existing compressor housing with a more efficient 7+7 blade compressor wheel and re-profiled 9 blade turbine wheel to maximize the efficiency and potential power output.

We offer two options for upgrading the turbochargers. Either is 4-6wk processing time.

  • Send in your original units to be upgraded

  • We use brand new turbos and upgrade those (you retain OEM units)


TheTurboEngineers GmbH (TTE) is a dynamic and highly innovative turbocharger engineering company, specialized in the production of motorsport turbochargers to the highest quality and greatest efficiency with attention to detail for the automotive sector.

They are focused on the construction of prototypes from a concept, through to completion with all work mostly being done in-house to our own extremely high standards with every component optimized to long-term reliability.

BBi is working with TTE to bring to market the best possible VTG solutions, maximizing potential of turbochargers while keeping to an OEM like fit and control. BBi develops specific calibrations to match the upgraded turbo systems along with supporting modification to mitigate heat and supply more fuel.