991.2 GT2 RS BBI Intercooler Upgrade

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BBi worked with C&R racing to develop and validate intercoolers for the GT2 RS system. The new system is enhanced in every way to maximize cooling performance. This system went through extensive validation in 1/2 mile and road course environments as well as hot weather condition testing. This is the same intercooler system as installed on the BBi VMax GT2 RS that went 226.95mph, becoming the fastest GT2 RS 991 in the world.

  • Number of Tubes: 28 (OE: 15)

  • Tube Height: 3mm (OE: 7mm)

  • Fin Height: 4.85mm (OE: 7mm)

  • Weight: 18lbs (same as OE)

  • Design: CNC end tanks, welded (OE: cast end tanks, crimped on)

As part of PWR Advanced Cooling Technology, C&R is a full-scale cooling provider, supplying R&D, testing and production of cooling solutions to top-tier race teams, performance automotive niche vehicle manufacturers, and specialty car builders who want only the best for their projects. This kit is ready for installation (plug & play) and features a tube and fin core for ultimate cooling. We opted for a tube and fin core instead of bar and plate for its lighter weight and more efficient thermal inertia. This means it cools quickly when exposed to direct air flow. For more information and all inquiries, please email sales@bbiautosport.com


  • CNC Machined Billet End Tanks, Inlet/Outlet Ports

  • Tube & Fin 2-row core, designed by PWR

  • Designed to Use OEM Plumbing and Shrouds

  • Compatible with Porsche 991.2 GT2 RS

  • Made in USA