991.2 BBS Motorsport: 20 inch Magnisium

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Introducing the new BBS Magnesium Mono-bloc wheels. The BBS RE-MTSP Magnesium are one piece forged magnesium wheels designed and produced in the BBS Motorsports department. These offer a 25% reduction or more from OEM and are the ultimate wheel for your performance car. Center Lock Monoblock Magnesium wheels for 991.2 GT3 / Speedster. Custom finishes are available.

20 inch Fitment for Steel Brakes and PCCB

  • 20x9.0 Front and 19x12 Rear, wheelset weighs in at 67 lbs, saving 35 lbs of unsprung rotational weight compared to stock!

Recommended tires sizes are 245 to 265 Front and 305 to 325 Rear