991.1 GT3/RS SPM Stage 4 Suspension Package

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Stage 4, checks off the rest of the remaining boxes in the rear of the GT3 / GT3 RS.  We address the last 3 arms in the 5 link rear suspension.

Stage 4 Includes:

  • Adjustable Drop Links Front & Rear
  • Adjustable Front Thrust Arms(RSR Tension Rods)
  • Solid Thrust Arm Bushings
  • Bump Adjustable Extended Outer Tie Rod
  • Rear Wheel Steer Inner Monoball
  • SPM GT3/RS Spring Kit
  • Front Inner Control Arm Monoball
  • Rear Inner Lower Control Arm Monoball
  • Front Outer Control Arm
  • Rear Outer Lower Control Arm
  • Rear Adjustable Long Thrust Arms
  • Rear Adjustable Medium Upper Control Arms
  • Rear Adjustable Short Upper Control Arms

Once again utilizing precision machined adjustable arms with spherical aurora bearings, these arms eliminate all the rubber in the rear suspension.  All pieces are easily installed and removable, if & when the car ever needs to be returned back to stock.