981 GT4 & Spyder - Power Kit Stage 2 & 2+

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Stage 2 Power Kit is the next level of easy & simple bolt on power solution for your 3.8 GT4 or Boxster Spyder. Fully upgradable to higher power levels. Fully compatible with GT4 Clubsport race cars as well. WIth the addition of the Dundon Race Headers, we now can tap into the real potential of the 3.8 power plant.

200 Cell Catalyst option is available with upgrade to Stage 2+ Street Version with GT3 Muffler adapter. GT3 muffler sold separately. GT3 Muffler Adapter includes valves for use of upper and lower exhaust ports of any GT3 muffler, OEM or aftermarket. Stage 2+ Race Version is also available without catalyst with exhaust valves.

Stage 2 Kit Includes:

  • BMC Racing Air Filters

  • IPD Competition Intake Plenum

  • GT3 82mm Throttle Body

  • Dundon Race Headers (Catless Only)

  • Cobb Accessport V3 with SPM Stage 2 ProTune

Stage 2+ Includes:

  • All Stage 2 Kit Parts

  • GT3 Muffler Adapter Kit with Valves

  • Optional: Street Version (200 Cell Cats)

  • Optional: Race Version (No Cats)

Conservatively we see gains 53-58 whp peak gains over 4000 rpm & 42-45 wheel torque gains in below 4000 rpm