981 GT4 & Spyder - Dundon GT3 Muffler Adapter Kit

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Dundon GT3 Muffler Adapter kit comes with everything you need to mount a GT3 muffler on your GT4 except the muffler and tips!

The kit is made with 2.5" 321 Stainless Steel for a lifetime of trouble free use.  We include 2.5" valves to eliminate drone by keeping the flow going to the upper path of the GT3 muffler when cruising and switching open to allow for more power!  

Our kit is unique in that you can add optional 200 CPSI catalytic converters that convert race headered cars to catted cars.  This is a better place for cats as the race headers can make the power and  then the cats can do the conversion with only a very small HP penalty (3-4 whp in our testing).

Kit Includes:

  • 2.5" 321 Stainless over axle pipes

  • 2.5" Valves

  • GT3 Muffler Bracket

  • GT3 Muffler Straps

  • Optional 200 CPSI cats